Because Every Great Dream has a Great Coach – Why Shouldn’t Yours?

A Note about Coaching from Dermot

People like to ask me what is coaching and what can it do for me? I like to think of coaching as stepping into a hyperbaric chamber, a rich oxygen filled environment.

However here is another way to think about coaching. Let’s say you have an incredible top-of-the-line computer in your home.

You use the basic functions of sending emails, surfing the web and maybe GarageBand from time to time.

You are operating your computer (your life) at a level 2 out of 10.

But, you know there is so much more you could get out of your computer (your life) if you only knew how to work the rest of the computer!

With transformative coaching, you can begin operating at a level 10.

Now you can experience your computer (your life) doing everything it was so beautifully and powerfully designed to do. This is what coaching can do for you and that, my dear friend, is No Blarney. ☘

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Dermot works with men and women of all ages, entrepreneurs, fathers, mothers, CEOs and other thought-leaders through video conferencing, in person and or by phone.

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Listen to the Celtic Coach Radio Show on KOWS FM. Treat yourself to this “Irish Talk Show” for insight, tips, tools and life changing information.

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Cross Robin Williams and Tony Robbins… You’ll get an engaging Irish speaker who teaches, entertains and sparks transformation.

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Dermot has interviewed many prominent thinkers and teachers whose message impacts the world around them. Explore past interviews and inspiring podcasts.

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3 Life-Changing Questions… Without all the Blarney

Tony Robbins says, “Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

Coaching is about asking great questions, then taking those great answers and creating a great life.

Please click on our video (at right) as I pose 3 such life-changing questions to you.

The Celtic Coach ☘

“I have come a long way in my personal and professional development, and Dermot has been there with me every step of the way! I would undoubtedly recommend Dermot to anyone seeking to reach the next level in their life and or in their business.”

Brett Byron, CSCS, CPT