The Celtic Coach Interviews Michael Neill about Creating the Impossible

Topics Include but never limited to: The invisible power of Insight A formula for Miracles The Source of Creativity Pipe Dreams & Possibilities Living from the Inside Out Getting in over Your Head And lots of good ole fashioned Irish humor…… Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach, best-selling author of numerous books, and has recently published [...]

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The World, What’s Really Going on?

Topics Include but never limited to: Is it more fun being you?     What’s the best version of you today? The world is 100% an experience of your thinking You can’t worry yourself into wellness What’s right with the world? Top 11 things you don’t need to know about life And of course, lots [...]

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An Irishman’s Guide to Being Organized

Topics Include but never limited to: Getting ready for 2018?    The 4 planning questions you need to ask yourself  An Irishman plans, therefore he doesn’t worry Taking time for you and the weekly review People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan 10 things you absolutely do not need to know And of course, lots of good [...]

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The Celtic Coach Radio Show for Men: Understanding Men with Alison Armstrong

Topics Include but never limited to Men want to be the hero Forget about solving an argument before bed Man’s relationship to time “Im Sorry” is a complete sentence What to do before and after the fight? Men would rather take a bullet than talk about their feelings The stages of development of a man And of [...]

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