The Celtic Coach Radio Show: What the Cabbages is Coaching?

Topics Include but never limited to: What the cabbages is coaching and what can it do for me?  3 life changing questions you must ask yourself? How can I get unstuck from a life that has stalled? 3 life changing thoughts to think about Top 11 things you absolutely don’t need to know about coaching  And [...]

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The Celtic Coach Interviews Maureen McGrath: Let’s Talk about Sex and Women

Topics Include but never limited to: Are you living in a no sex marriage and what to do about it? What makes a great sex life? Why people check their smartphones during sex? Why brides don’t have sex on they’re wedding night? Why women don’t initiate sex first? Do women masturbate as much as men? And lots of good ole [...]

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Procrastination: The Path to Enlightenment

Topics Include but never limited to: The positive thing about procrastination?  What do feelings have to do with being motivated?  Not doing things can be really good for you 3 powerful questions to ask yourself about your procrastinating  Top 11 things you don’t need to know about procrastination And of course, lots of good ole fashioned [...]

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