The Celtic Coach Interviews Maria Owl Gutierrez: Healing humanity, What’s Next for Us?

Topics Include but never limited to: The mystical world of parasychology Clearing the way for a new you? Dolphin healing for you and autistic children The summer solstice and its powers Helping our children express their God given gifts And lots of good ole fashioned Irish humor…… Maria Owl Gutierrez: is the founder and director of Sacred Future and the [...]

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The Celtic Coach Radio Show: The Science of Spirituality

opics Include but never limited to: What does it mean to live a Spiritual Life?  You are not broken and there is nothing to fix Are we living in a Hologram? Intuition on demand: Harmonizing the Brain and the Heart 🙂 Top 11 things you absolutely don’t need to know about being Human  And of course, [...]

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