The Celtic Coach Radio Show: Where Science, Spirituality & Self-Discovery Meet

I believe every man and woman deserves a good cup of tea and the truth about what it takes to be a success in the World today.

Every Friday I share the latest tips and tools on self-development. I draw from my professional life coaching practice along with live interviews from America’s most popular and well known transformational authors, teachers and speakers. Find out the truth of how we can truly win at this game we call relationships, career, money, and life.

You are welcome to phone in live and get some coaching one on one or just sit back and get a weekly dose of humor, wisdom, and information that will have you feeling more inspired, lighter, and help you create the life you have always wanted.

The Celtic Coach Radio Show airs live every Friday from 1-3pm PST on KOWS radio.  We also bring you the best (and I do mean the best) of traditional and contemporary Irish music along with all the greatest hits from the 80s and who better to bring it to you than an Irish Lad with a gift of the gab, all the way from Dublin, Ireland.

Listen In and Let Your Inner Creativity Out!

Listen In & Let Your Inner Creator Out!

The Celtic Coach Radio Show: Where Science, Spirituality &Self-Discovery Meet

Every Friday from 1-3 pm PST – Listen In live at or call into the show for some on-air coaching. Call our studio phone: (707) 755 – 9250.

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