The Art and Science of Business Building 3-Month Intensive (online)

                                               Enter to Learn & Leave to Serve

        (Please note that the new start date for the program is January 4th, 2023)

This Business Building Program is for You IF:

  • You want to create a part time or full time coaching business
  • You want to learn how to love business building as much as you love coaching
  • You want to serve people as a professional “well paid” coach
  • You have a hard time asking for money for coaching
  • You are willing to be challenged to be more than you are being
  • You are not creating the income you want through coaching
  • You are open to being coached and supported to create greater financial prosperity in your coaching business
  • You have run out of friends and family to coach and want to create new “paying” clients
  • You want to build a profitable coaching practice from a place of serving and not selling

Creating a Prosperous Coaching Practice, One Client at a Time


As coaches, we often struggle to build a successful coaching practice (I certainly did!) after our coach training. Mastering coaching is one skill and successful business building is another. You can try and build your business by yourself (I don’t recommend it) or if you want you can get professional help (this is why the program was created) which shortens the time you spend building your coaching business immensely and quite frankly is a heck of a lot more fun.


  • Fill your calendar with client conversations
  • Get paid for coaching (say goodbye to coaching family and friends who don’t pay you)
  • Put a powerful coaching package together and then present it to a client
  • Offer companies and organizations your professional coaching services
  • Discover your coaching fee and build the confidence to ask clients for it
  • Have professional enrollment conversations with new clients instead of non-paid coffee talks with friends
  • Know what online technology you need IE: Camera, Lighting, Audio and Background
  • Use social media in a way that gets real results (say goodbye to flyers and emails that don’t go anywhere)
  • Connect to your own creativity so you never run out of business building ideas
  • Discover what really makes your heart sing and how to charge money for it
  • Begin and end a professional coaching conversation with a prospective client and much, much more…

What Do Past Students Say?

The Structure of the Class for the 3 Months


  • Learning will take place through 1-1 coaching, presentations, class discussion, demonstrations, real life examples, breakouts and lot’s of fun practice
  • 3-month online program: Classes are every Wednesday from 10am – 1pm Pacific (all sessions are recorded and sent to you after class)
  • 3 master coach guest teachers (see guest master teachers list below)


  • Access to the Business Building Academy where you can view your homework, watch videos, and listen to business-building audios for hours and hours
  • Our best peer practices program will give you a session once per month with another coach in the program to help you stay accountable to your business goals (set up at the start of class)
  • Lots of surprise bonus prosperity building audios from Dermot’s personal library stash (it’s quite the library)
  • Access to the private Facebook group page where coaches share best business practices, tips, masterminding, successes and other useful business building resources


“You alone can do it but you can’t do it alone” as my Mam always said. After the program ends you will then have full access for 3 months to Club Fearless for Coaches. We will meet every Thursday at 10am – 11:30am Pacific for 90 minutes to get 1-1 professional business building coaching, so you can continue to implement what you have learned in the program and steadily keep growing your coaching practice (and coaching skills) and that my dear coach is NO BLARNEY!

The first 2 classes of club fearless with Dermot & jasmine are focused on business building and supporting you to stay in the game and to get feedback on what you are implementing. These 2 classes will deepen your understanding of the program material. A refresher if you will :)

The third class of the month is with Catherine Casey is focused on helping you move through fear and stuckness in your coaching business. Catherine will coach you, mentor you and help you to move through all the places where you are being held back from creating the business you want.

The fourth class of the month is with Dermot and is solely focused on helping you develop your coaching skills so that as your business skills grows your coaching skills grow right alongside them. We will listen to students coaching sessions, practice coaching skills and sit in on live coaching sessions with Dermot.

Meet Your Guest Master Teachers

All our guest master teachers are experts in their own fields and have been sharing their unique skills and knowledge for a significant amount of time with other coaches and students.  Catherine, Melissa and Kerry have created highly successful coaching practices.  I am very honored to have these incredible women attend and teach at this years program.

Catherine Casey
Catherine Casey
Kerry Rego
Kerry Rego
Melissa Ford
Melissa Ford

Need Help Making Your Decision?

  • Before making a decision to commit your time, money and energy into this program and building your own coaching business, we recommend you join us for at least one complimentary. “Experience the Art & Science of Business Building” Masterclass (TAASBB) to get a sneak peek inside the classroom and to experience the content as a student of the program.

  • This Experience Masterclass will help you in making your decision whether or not the business building is right for you and as an added bonus you will get help in building your business right away, whether you join the program or not.

You are invited to the next “Experience the Art & Science of Business Building” Masterclass
on Dec 9th at 10am Pacific. Program begins Jan 4th, 2023:

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Online Program Schedule & Tuition

  • The Art & Science of Business Building 3-Month Intensive Program begins January 4th, 2023.

  • The program runs every Wednesday from 10am-1:00pm Pacific (US & Canada) on the following dates:

    • January: 4, 11, 18 & 25
    • February: 1, 8. 15 & 22
    • March 1, 8, 15 & 22
  • Payment Plan Options: Full Tuition $2,850 USD

    • Tuition option #1: $2,500 (save $350) (One time payment)
    • Tuition option #2: $2,850 (3 payments of $950)
      First payment due at registration and the remaining 2 payments due at the end of each month thereafter
  • Next The Art & Science of Business Building program series will be offered September 2023.

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Meet the Enrollment Coaches

If you still have questions about the program, please schedule a 30 minute chat with one of our lovely (and highly knowledgeable) enrollment coaches.

Book a 30 minute chat with Jasmine and have all your questions answered about the program.

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Book a 30 minute chat with Kim and have all your questions answered about the program.

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Free Business Building Resources for You
from The Art & Science of Business Building Program

Complimentary Monthly Business Building Q&A with Dermot

(open to all coaches everywhere)

  • Receive coaching from Dermot on building a prosperous coaching business and meet other coaches who are also building a coaching practice. Be in an environment of play, exploration & support.
  • The experience of the Master Class will help you in making your decision as to whether or not the business building program is right for you and as an added bonus you will get help in building your business right away, whether you join the program or not.
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