Welcome to Club Fearless for Coaches : )

Create Paid Clients Through Service & Creativity & Doing What Makes Your Heart Sing

Club Fearless Class Schedule:
Every Thursday at 10am PST

Club fearless is truly a place of discovery. A safe space where you can get ongoing professional support, training and expert supervision in the art and science of creating a professional, fun and prosperous coaching practice.

Whether you’re a new or experienced coach you’ll find a place where you can bring all of your unique talents and creativity to the classroom so that you can increase your impact and fall in love (or back in love) with creating your dream coaching practice and That My Dear coach is No Blarney!

1st Thursday from 10am-12pm PST:

Developing Your Business Building Skills

We focus on helping you learn the tools that will create paying clients. The focus here is on service and creativity as your secret weapons in creating a business that is highly profitable and fun. We coach you on creating your dream coaching practice by connecting you to what will make your heart sing and then taking inspired action to make it a reality. Do what you love and make a good living doing it, is the focus of this transformational business building class.

2nd Thursday from 10am-11am PST:

Open Q&A with Dermot & Jasmine

In this one hour class we solve your biggest business building problems by sharing our vast experience, creative ideas and 10 year library of resources. We also do group brainstorming where the entire class offers new ideas and different perspectives on how to create paying clients. This part of the class is a game changer for most coaches. Its also a place for coaches to get all their business building questions answered without having to ask Google.

3rd Thursday from 10am-12pm PST:

Developing Your Coaching Skills

In this highly interactive and fun filled class we listen to 30 minute coaching sessions from our classmates and Dermot and Jasmine give professional, helpful feedback on improving the coaches coaching skills. We bring in live clients (non coaches) and one of the coaches coach the client live in front of the class and we give feedback afterwards. We also teach every month a powerful coaching tool or process that maximizes the coaches coaching skills. If you want to quicken your coaching skills, become a professional coach and impact your clients in a massive way, this class is how you do it.

4th Thursday from 10am-11am PST:

Open Q&A with Dermot & Jasmine

Bring your biggest blocks and fears and get the kind of coaching that rocket launches you out of your stuckness and fear and back into the world of creativity, inspiration and transformative business building. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Club Fearless is for You IF…

  • You are afraid to ask for money for your coaching and you’re tired of giving free sessions to the planet
  • You are afraid to invite people to come for a free coaching session
  • You are willing to be challenged to do and be more than you are currently doing and being
  • Your coaching and business building confidence level is lower than your bank balance and you would like to change that
  • You want to learn how to build a profitable coaching business through service and not selling
  • You are sitting at home after your coach training staring into the abyss of nothingness and wondering, what do I do now?
  • You could do with a lite kick up the Arse every now and then to get you unstuck
  • You would like a safe place to dip your toe in the business building waters and see how it feels
  • You have no paid coaching clients currently (family & friends don’t count) and would like to start creating some
  • You want to learn and develop some useful basic fundamental business building skills
  • You enjoy being with other new coaches in a community of support, challenge, learning, and funs

1 Minute Club Fearless Testimonials

The 9 Rules of Club Fearless
  1. Show Up & Be Willing to Try Stuff
  2. Make Fear Your Best Friend
  3. Commit to a Learning Mindset
  4. Share Your Own Experience, Not Your Advice
  5. Be willing to Lean in the Direction of Your Dreams
  6. Be In Integrity With Your Word to Yourself & Others
  7. Contribute to the Success of the Group
  8. Ask For Help When You Need It
  9. Create Your Business From a Place of Service & Creativity

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Next Masterclass:
February 6, 2024 at 10:00am Pacific
Topic: Developing Your Coaching Skills to the Professional Level

30 Minute Business Building Coaching Sessions

Club Fearless for Coaches:

Just Imagine…
  • Imagine creating paying clients from a place of service, creativity and doing what makes your heart really sing (priceless)
  • Imagine Having a safe professional and fun place to come every Thursday (for as long as you like) to learn how to create paying clients
  • Just imagine receiving professional high level coaching and cutting edge enrollment skills training from one of the best coaches in the business
  • Imagine attending Four 90 minute high impact business building classes every week with one goal: To Get You Paying Clients
  • Imagine being surrounded, inspired and supported by a group of talented, service oriented and ambitious coaches every week (It’s the fastest way to be successful – you alone can do it but you can’t do it alone)
  • Can you imagine what will happen to your courage, confidence and bank account when you lean in the direction of your dreams week after week after week? (you have no idea what you’re capable of, but if you come to class I will show you)
  • Imagine having access to a highly interactive Facebook group where weekly everyone shares tips, tools, technology and everything they are doing that is getting them high paying clients
  • “You alone can do it but you can’t do it alone.” Join the club of fearless coaches and let’s do this together

You Alone Can Do It, But You Can’t Do It Alone

How I Got My First Paid Coaching Client

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Next Masterclass:

February 6, 2024 at 10:00am Pacific

Topic: Developing Your Coaching Skills to the Professional Level

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