Coaching for Coaches: Welcome to the Coaches Inner Circle ☘

Where Building Your Business and Developing Your Skills is Easy, Doable and most importantly Fun  

Are you a coach who is struggling to develop your skills or build your business? The goal of building any business is not to throw out an offer of coaching and pray to God they say yes. Building a business is about creating a relationship first. Coaches usually have this part backwards.

I struggled with building a business for years and then one day I got a great idea, why not hire a coach and have him help and train me to build my coaching practice. Since what I was doing was not working, I thought what the heck, its worth a shot.

So I hired a really successful coach, payed him a lot of money and he taught me the correct way to sell/offer my services and build my business without cold calling or secret selling. It changed the way I coach and interact with people virtually overnight.

And, if I can learn how to create a great business, then so can you, my dear friend, so can you. In essence, this training and coaching with me is all about, “Getting Over Yourself and Getting Out There and Helping People.” Yes, I know it’s actually very simple. :-)

Here are some of the things we will explore and learn together in our sessions:

  • The coaching profession is a prosperous profession.            
  • Building a successful heart centered business is easy.  
  • Changing, “Am I Worthy?” to, “How Can I Be Useful?” 
  • How can I invite people into a conversation?
  • It’s one client at a time.
  • Holding strong with fee integrity.
  • Coaching is a partnership, and the client is my agenda.

Think Big, Have Fun & Stay Curious,

Dermot – The Celtic Coach ☘

The Next Coaches Inner Circle

Hi all You Masterful Coaches in the Making

Dermot is inviting you to the Coaches Inner Circle.

We will meet one Wednesday per month for one hour.  This is a private group for coaches who are wanting to take their coaching business to a ridiculously high level of service and prosperity.

Topic: Creating Clients is Easier Than You Think ☘

Time: 10 am PT

Date: October 9 at 10am PT

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