Communicate like a Professional

Everyone knows that best listeners on the planet are professional coaches. They have been trained to listen and ask questions. When you ask a deeper question, you get a deeper answer or similarly when you ask a silly question you usually get a silly answer.

Albert Einstein once remarked that if he had one hour to solve a problem he would spend 55 minutes on the question, and so it is with communication–both personally and in the business world.

What this Presentation Addresses

We must learn specific techniques/skills for asking powerful questions, and then we must be able to listen from a place that is bigger than our own judgments and opinions. In this talk/workshop, we will train you how, and that’s No Blarney!

Golden Nugget Takeaways

  • 3 specific ways to build and maintain rapport
  • Listen with your head and heart
  • Designing an outcome
  • Strategies that keep you focused
  • Asking the real questions

Customizing Your Presentation

Presentation topics listed on this site are geared for a one-hour talk.

However, at your request, Dermot can customize the timeline so that the topic fits up to an eight-hour training workshop.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss your training and presentation needs. For details, contact Dermot