The Irishman’s Guide to Creating Your Own Pot of Gold

Everyone has heard of the Irish fairy tale of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What if that elusive gold was already inside of you?

We constantly search outside of ourselves for financial freedom, not knowing that the financial freedom that we seek has always been with us. In this workshop, you are given the tools to dig for your own gold, but from the inside out and not from the outside in as most of us are taught to do.

What this Presentation Addresses

Prosperity is a mindset, but it also has a very practical down-to-earth component. Explore this and much more in this one-hour talk, and may the luck of the Irish be with you. Wait a minute, you don’t need luck—you have an inner abundance (which is always with you) that is just waiting to be unleashed!

Golden Nugget Takeaways

  • Learn the real truth about wealth and prosperity
  • Change your attitude about money
  • Earn more money by doing less
  • Have financial Increase without all the stress
  • Create a more Joyful relationship with money

You already have Everything Within You to Create What You Want. Learn the Dynamic Laws of Wealth & Prosperity and the Ancient Secrets to Creating Your Own “Pot of Gold.”

“Money adores the prosperous mind and responds richly to it.” —Catherine Ponder

Customizing Your Presentation

Presentation topics listed on this site are geared for a one-hour talk.

However, at your request, Dermot can customize the timeline so that the topic fits up to an eight-hour training workshop.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss your training and presentation needs. For details, contact Dermot

He Makes Personal and Professional Development Fun and Powerful

“The Celtic Coach (Dermot Butterly) has a unique style of training and coaching that makes personal and professional development fun and powerful. He is not afraid to ask the tough questions and to leave you enough space to think and ponder the answer.

He did not push his views on our business but instead created a safe and welcoming place for us to explore solutions and to fully create our vision and goals for our company. You are in good hands with the Celtic Coach and, as he says, “That’s No Blarney.” —Patricia Irwin- PCC/MNLPP