Dermot’s Story with a Wee Touch of the Blarney

A Few Things You May Want to Know About my Background

First, a few bullet points for you scanners out there:

  • Speaker, author and transformative life coach
  • Trainer of life coaches with Erickson Coaching International
  • Certified Coach with the International Coaching federation (ICF)
  • 17 years of training and a whole lot of coaching experience

They say that life is ever changing, ever in flux. Well, that pretty much describes my story. Please allow me to give you the short version with some fluff and stuff added just for effect.

Firstly, I was born at 29 Saint Bennins Villas, Laytown, Co Meath in Ireland. My curiosity has always been around people, places and stories. Little did I know this was to be the basis for a lot of the self-development work, chaos, discovery and study in my life.

At the early age of 17 (could not wait to be in the World), I left the comfort of my small village home and moved to Dublin City where I began to explore this thing called life. In 1990 at the tender age of 20, I moved to Germany, because Dublin, quite frankly, got too small for me.

When I got to Germany, the first thing that I noticed was that I didn’t speak the language. Oops! …a slight oversight on my part. Who knew in Germany they would speak German? This slight obstacle created lots of humor and pain for me and for the people I tried to live and work with.

Fueled by Curiosity

But “learn as I go” was the motto and, curiosity, it’s fuel. I didn’t let that stop me. For five years, I worked with people in all sorts of very interesting areas from the American military police to the German discotheque—all the while learning the language and observing the culture. It was such an incredible thrill for me. I’m thankful to say that this has been a theme throughout my life. Just put yourself out there and see what you discover about yourself… and pray to God it all works out.

From Germany in 1995, I put my name in for a green card. Wouldn’t you know it, the luck of the Irish, I got one. I joyfully moved to America and proceeded to travel the country, meeting its people and doing every crazy job known to man. This, of course, afforded me yet another wonderful learning opportunity. I got to meet people, collect stories and learn more valuable life lessons from people who were truly living it.

I have always been fascinated with how people think, what they value, how they look at things and what makes their lives work. Another theme throughout my life.

On my 30th birthday, something called “What the hell just happened to me” actually happened to me, and I found myself slipping into an unexpected depression. Of course, nobody expects to be depressed, but I’m sure you get the idea. Los Angeles was a lot bigger than the quiet town of Aspen, Colorado, where I had lived in a perceived safety like a monk for 5 years.

Pain is a great prod to change and so I decided to investigate the wild and wonderful world of self-development. Like a man possessed, I immersed myself in every self-development class, workshop, self-help group I could find. A new world opened up to me, one in which I never knew existed. Every problem truly has a gift to offer—if only we are willing to put our toe in the waters of the unknown. I put the pieces back together bit by bit and created a life that today is so incredible words cannot describe it.

Using Everything I’ve Learned as a Tool

I am honored to say that, through the years, I have developed my own style and rhythm as a professional life coach, teacher, author and speaker. I use everything that happens to me in life as a tool for my own personal growth. This has been my greatest challenge and, of course, (dramatic pause) my greatest gift.

I am the producer and host of a hit radio show in Northern California called, “The Celtic Coach Radio Show – An Irish Talk Show, Just for Men and All Things Manly” on KOWS Radio.

On the show, I interview some of the country’s top leaders in self-development, share my own stories and expert advice, and play the best in Irish music.

Think of it as Tony Robbins, Robin Williams and a wee touch of the ‘Blarney’ rolled into one dynamic life altering Irish radio show!

If you like Irish music and love to hear some good ole fashioned Blarney, feel free to listen in.

I also have the honor and privilege of being a trainer of life coaches with Erickson Coaching International. I train aspiring coaches and organizations in developing tools and skills to create their own coaching business or coaching culture within their organizations.

What I Bring to the Table, and My Priority for You

As a teacher/trainer/workshop facilitator and a coach for 18+ years, I bring a wealth of personal experience, training and credentials to the table. In all I do, it’s my #1 priority to make sure my clients (that’s you) see, hear, feel and know that I’m your partner in change. I’m here to serve you on your journey towards creating more meaning, value and a life that will put a smile on your face every day. Money-back guarantee on that promise!

People ask me all the time, “What do you do, Dermot?” And I say, “as much as I can.” I live my life to the fullest, and I invite you to do the same. You get one life, so why not make it the greatest adventure you have ever been on?

“The gifts within you are quietly demanding to be expressed. All you have to do is say, YES!

Dermot lives in Sebastopol, Northern California, out in the country smothered by a vast selection of redwood trees and the occasional rainy day.

And that, my dear reader, is No Blarney!

Cheers for now,
Dermot Butterly – The Celtic Coach ☘

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