The Celtic Coach and Gay Hendricks: Communication, Love and Sexual Magnificence ☘

In this interview I talk with one of the World’s leading relationship expert Gay Hendricks about how we as men can create better communication, more love and put more sexual magnificence into our relationships. Gay is one of those rare teachers that really talks from experience and cuts through the blarney to bring forth the real truth about relationships. I really enjoyed speaking with him and I’m sure you will enjoy listening to him.

  • Falling in love with life
  • Communicating what you want
  • Sexual magnificence is easier than you might think
  • Living the best version of you
  • Loving what is

And a whole lot of Irish Blarney!

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., has been a leader in the fields of relationship transformation and body mind therapies for more than 45 years. After earning his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Stanford, Gay served as professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Colorado for 21 years.

He has written more than 40 books, including bestsellers such as Five Wishes, The Big Leap and also Conscious Loving and the new Conscious Loving Ever After. In 2003, Gay co-founded The Spiritual Cinema Circle, which distributes inspirational movies and conscious entertainment to subscribers in 70+ countries.