The Celtic Coach and Pat Irwin: Depression and Riding the Wave of Life ☘

In this interview I talk to Pat Irwin about her book the Wave Riders – Riding the creativity and Mood Spectrum. Throughout the day we as men find levels of energy up down and all over the place. We go from seeking out the highs to being in a low funk and not knowing how we got there and more importantly how to get back on the horse.

We also talk about how depression occurs in men and what we can do about it. Learn how to create greater Emotional Balance and Ride The Waves between happiness and depression and live fully and completely happy being you. A fascinating look into mood swings and this thing we call life. On a personal note: it was just so much fun for me to talk with Pat. She is very relaxed and oh so funny. I didn’t know know the Canadians have the gift of the gab, too.

Patricia Indigo Irwin is an author, teacher and an Erickson Certified Professional Coach (PCC) and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Patricia has worked for over a decade with people who are experiencing low and/or varying mood levels and has experience assisting people with Depressive and Bipolar tendencies and researches and writes about how these patterns relate to creative thinkers; managers, employees, artists and entrepreneurs.

Patricia studies the habits of creative thinking parents, students and addictions and offers “Alternative Thinking Approaches” to Optimal Mental Health.