The Celtic Coach Interviews Andrew Beath: The Future of Our Planet and What We can Do about It ☘

In this interview I talk with EarthWays founder Andrew Beath about the future of our beautiful planet

We discuss the question where are we going as a species and what might happen to our beautiful planet if we keep going in the direction we are headed? I really enjoyed talking to Andrew, he is pretty easy going and explains the state of our planet in very easy to understand terms. He also gets to the point, and his no-nonsense approach to climate change is for this Irishman a real breath of fresh air.

EarthWays Foundation helps to support many dedicated individuals and community groups striving to create a future we can all share.

EarthWays Mission:

EarthWays promotes sustainable vision and action for the earth and humanity, “a vision for the future that all living things can share.” Through our projects and educational events, we are a catalyst for personal growth, global awareness and social and environmental activism. Earthways itself develops projects, which eventually spin off and become independent organizations that work alongside and cooperatively with Earthways.