The Celtic Coach Interviews Catherine Casey: The Secret of Letting Go ☘

Topics Include but never limited to:

  • Addicted to results
  • The human experience explained
  • Living an empowered life
  • Letting go of the controls
  • Where does my stress really come from?
  • Getting in over Your Head

And lots of good ole fashioned Irish humor……

Catherine Casey, B.S.W., M.A., Clinical Psychology.  She is an International Training Consultant that travels the Globe teaching and mentoring. Catherine has been teaching “ 3 Principles Programs” to a wide range of people in many different environments throughout the world for the past 20 years.  Catherine has implemented a Principle Based Resiliency Program in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose, California, one of the largest public hospitals in the United States.   All in all this lady impressed the heck out of me and I know if you listen to this interview she will do the same for you ????  Dermot ….