The Celtic Coach Interviews George Pransky: Creating a Life Without Limits ☘

Topics include, but never limited to:

  • What Do You Have Control Over?
  •  Stop stopping Yourself
  •  Living in the Feeling of Thought
  •  Moving through Stress and Anxiety?
  •  Where Does my life experience Come From?

          And lots of Good Ole Fashioned Irish Humor………………..  ???? 

George Pransky, Ph.D.  is one of two founders of a breakthrough approach to human understanding that is currently among the fastest growing approaches in the world. He has taught for over forty years to individuals, couples, businesses and colleagues.  Dr. Pransky is the author of The Relationship Handbook and over fifty audio recordings.  During his career, he has served on the faculty of three graduate universities including West Virgina University School of Medicine and Michigan State University and that’s No Blarney!