The Celtic Coach Interviews Pat Irwin: Creating Habits that Stick like Gorilla Glue ☘

In this Interview I talk with Canada’s top life coach Patricia Irwin about how we can easily create new life habits that stick like Gorilla glue. We all struggle with creating new habits especially in January. Getting started can be easy, but sustaining that momentum over time is a real **** buster. No worries, Pat clears up a lot of that and gives some very practical ways to get started and keep going.

Patricia Indigo Irwin is an author, teacher and an Erickson Certified Professional Coach (PCC) and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Patricia has worked for over a decade with people who are experiencing low and/or varying mood levels and has experience assisting people with Depressive and Bipolar tendencies.

Patricia studies the habits of creative thinking parents, students and addictions and offers “Alternative Thinking Approaches” to Optimal Mental Health.