The Celtic Coach Radio Show: The Science of Spirituality ☘

opics Include but never limited to:

  • What does it mean to live a Spiritual Life? 
  • You are not broken and there is nothing to fix
  • Are we living in a Hologram?
  • Intuition on demand: Harmonizing the Brain and the Heart ????
  • Top 11 things you absolutely don’t need to know about being Human 

And of course, lots of good ole fashioned Irish Blarney

The Celtic Coach Radio Show airs live every Friday from 1-3pm PST on KOWS.FM   We also bring you the best (and I do mean the best) of traditional and contemporary Irish music, along with the best of the 80s, and who better to bring it to you than an Irish Lad with a gift of the gab, all the way from Dublin, Ireland.