April 3 – 24, 2023
Every Monday from 10:00am-11:30am PST

Class Summaries

Class 1: Introduction
In this introduction class Dermot teaches what the 2 most important times of the day are for supercharging your subconscious. It’s also the best way to start the day in the most powerful way. We will also explore what is a belief and how to move you and your clients beyond limiting beliefs. Dermot will also teach you how to solve any problem that you or your client has in 5 minutes or less.

Class 2: Turning Thoughts into Things
In this class Dermot will show you the science behind the law of attraction: How and why it works as well as gravity and why it will never let you down (pun intended) We will look at the difference between allowing and disallowing so that you can step into more allowing of what you really want and let go of the things that you don’t want and how your personality creates your personal reality.

Class 3: Using the Law of Attraction to Create Paid Coaching Clients
In this class Dermot will explain how to ground yourself in the present moment and why it is so important in creating what you want. You will also learn 3 simple deliberate creation tools to start creating what you want now.

Class 4: How to Build Your Coaching Practice from Inspired Action (not from fearful action)
In this class you will learn how to ask yourself better questions, so you can create bigger outcomes. You’ll also learn how your emotions guide you and how to guide your emotions to more and more abundance. Dermot will also remind you of the importance to slow down so that what you want can speed up to meet you. And so much more……………

Why I created This Workshop ☺

In This Fun (and extensive) Workshop You Will Learn:

  • Solve any problem (yours or your clients) in 5 minutes or less

  • The practical tools to make big changes in your personal and professional life

  • The science behind deliberate creating and seeing an abundant universe all around you

  • How to create more paid coaching clients using 3 simple tools from the law of attraction

  • What is reality really and how to change your perception of it

  • How thought creates our universe and how to turn your thoughts into things (clients)

  • The most powerful grounding technique I know to help you be more present and hear your own inner wisdom

  • How to create a future reality from the present moment and how to change limiting beliefs into desired outcomes

  • How to put more fun and ease into your day by using the power of appreciation

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