My Better Life Experience
You Alone Can Create A Better Life, But You Can’t Do It Alone

Every Beautiful Monday Morning From 10:00am-11:00am Pacific Time

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If…?

  • You could turn your financial problems into financial opportunities?
  • You could make more money?
  • You could worry less about money?
  • You actually knew where your money is going?
  • You could manage your money better so you weren’t struggling all the time?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You…

  • Had a better relationship with your partner?
  • Could communicate more clearly to others?
  • Could easily ask for what you want?
  • Were able to have more fun in your relationships?
  • Felt more at ease in your relationships with others?

OMG, Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You…

  • Had a whole lot less stress & anxiety in your day?
  • Felt more calm and peaceful throughout the day?
  • Could feel uncomfortable and be OK with feeling that way?
  • Knew where your stress & anxiety really comes from? (Hint: Its not from other people)
  • Could stop all the madness in your head? 

And Wouldn’t It Be So Nice If..

  • You could create more time in your hectic day?
  • You could manage your time in a more relaxed way?
  • Had some quality time just for you and no one else? 
  • You weren’t running around like a mad chicken trying to do everything?
  • You could have more fun in your day?

Come to class and get some coaching around these topics and more.

Watch Dermot as he masterfully coaches your classmates on how to create more of what they do want and less of what they don’t want & that my dear friend is No Blarney!

Q: What is your heart saying “YES” to that your head keeps saying “No” to?
Bring that one hearts desire to class and lets bring it to life ☺

Workshop Details:

Every Monday Morning Beginning October 2nd, 2023

10:00am to 11:00am Pacific Time

Live on Zoom – All Sessions Are Recorded

$95/USD per Month
Your first month is absolutely free!

Here’s What Real People Have to Say About The Better Life Experience:

If you could say in ONE WORD what you most want more of in your life, what would that BE? Bring that to the workshop and lets create it for you :) Dermot :)

First Month Is Completely Free