My Unofficial Bio with a Wee Touch of the Blarney

Who Exactly is Dermot Butterly?

You can read the “official” bio and story at this page. But meanwhile, you might be wondering who I am and what I believe. How’s this?

  • I am as confused as the next man when it comes to expressing my emotions.
  • I am a genuinely happy person and have been for years.
  • I don’t have it all figured out and I’m grateful I don’t need to.
  • I love to challenge people to live and be their best.
  • I deeply care for and respect every client that comes for coaching.
  • I am proud to be Irish, and that’s No Blarney.

Be who you are, love what you do and for everyone’s sake, have fun along the journey.

Cheers for now,
Dermot Butterly – The Celtic Coach ☘

Introductory Coaching Session

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What They’re Saying… With a Bit of Blarney Thrown in

“Working with The Celtic Coach has been a monumental experience. They say the Irish are full of it, well, this guy certainly was. My goal was to be a successful stand-up comedian.

I had done all the regular stuff, worked the bars, clubs, marketed up the Wazoo and down the Yazoo, but nothing was really working. After working with Dermot for three months, that all turned around. Fame and fortune poured in like water into a pot, a golden pot, that is. I realized that it wasn’t WHAT I was doing, but HOW I was doing it, that was the problem.

Dermot challenged me with powerful questions, held me accountable to my action steps and helped me to dig deep through the mud and guts of my life to find the pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow. And of course I did. I am truly grateful for his help and support. I would recommend him to all my Leprechaun friends, and that’s no blarney! (…well, maybe a wee bit. OK, more than a wee bit.)”

–Sheamus O’Brien, Professional Stand Up Comedian, MBA, MD, PDF, NBC