Create Your Own Unique Dream Lifestyle Through Your Coaching Practice

My dear reader, I have been privileged for the past 10 years to have been coached by some of the best coaches in the business and I have also been blessed to have coached many new coaches on building their own coaching practices. 

Over the years, I have come to believe that the #1 reason why so many coaches come out of coaching school bursting with enthusiasm and possibility to get started,  only to find themselves 6-12 months later with as much enthusiasm as a sailor with no ocean to sail in.  They have let go of their dream of being a coach and having the lifestyle they truly want to live.  I really spent some time on thinking about why this is.  I know in my heart that it does not have to be this way.   

What I have come to see and notice is that coaches (in the early days) spend a lot of time trying to get clients to build their practice but they spend very little to no time on why they are building a practice.   If coaches could just slow down and spend some quality time and attention on what they really want from a coaching practice and why they want it, it would have an enormous positive influence and impact on how they go about creating new clients.  But sadly most coaches don’t do this and as a result, after a few “NOs” from prospective clients they give up on their dreams and that’s that. 

New coaches are in such a rush of excitement to get up and running that they miss this very fundamental (and very important) part of business building.   They often say to me, “Oh Dermot I want to make 20K a month coaching a few clients so I can travel more, have extra money to do more fun stuff in my life ”  But in order for this to happen they must slow down and start to get clear on what does the lifestyle really look like and why do they really want this particular lifestyle and then start to explore putting a plan together to begin to move towards their dreams.   That’s what this upcoming workshop is all about. 

May 25, 2022 | 10am-1pm PST

Let Me Tell You Why I Created The Program and What’s On Offer for You ☺

Here’s what you will be creating, exploring and answering for yourself in this workshop:

  • What do I really want to create with having a coaching practice and why do I really want it?

  • What’s the difference between working ON and IN my business?

  • What’s the actual price of my dreams?

  • What experiences would I love to have that paid coaching clients could support?

  • Are you fearfully managing your coaching practice or like an architect creating it? 

  • What does having a lifestyle truly mean to me?

  • What’s my reason to act?

  • Lifestyle: What will guide my actions from this day forward?

Here’s What Our Coaches Have to Say:

Are you ready to start creating your dream lifestyle?