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Welcome to Club Fearless for Coaches

Fearlessly Create Clients & Make Money Doing What You Love!

Why a Club for Coaches?

As coaches, we often struggle to build a successful coaching practice (I certainly did!) after our coach training. Mastering coaching is one skill, and successful business building is another.

You can try and build your business by yourself, or you can get ongoing professional help and support (this is why Club Fearless was created) that shortens the time you spend building your business (making mistakes) immensely.

As my Mam always said, “You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone.”  If you are a new (ish) coach and you are wondering where and how do I begin to build a coaching practice, then you are in the right place.

Welcome to the club :)


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  • Monthly Coaches Café , first Tuesday of each month at 10am-11:00am (PDT)
  • Access to the Erickson Business Center Facebook page
  • Monthly business building audios/videos from Dermot
  • Community support with resources, tools, tips & technology
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Club Fearless for Coaches Private Group


  • Monthly online membership subscription program
  • The first month of membership is FREE to all Coaches
  • Get all your Business Building questions professionally answered
  • Two private, 90 minute Zoom meetings per month –  All Zoom meetings are recorded for you
  • Access to the Club Fearless Private Facebook group
  • 1-1 in class coaching and coaching demos
  • Master guest teachers will speak to you on how they built a prosperous coaching practice (invaluable)
  • Monthly business building audios & videos from Dermot (new content each month)
  • Business building masterminding & brainstorming sessions in class (TBA)
  • As much community support as you can handle with business building resources, tools, tips & technology
  • Opportunity for buddy coaching
  • “you alone can do it but you can’t do it alone” Join the club and let’s do this together J
  • Cost $195.00 per month (no contract, come and go as you please)


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Club Fearless is For You If…

  • You are not sure if you want to build a coaching practice but would like to explore the possibility a bit
  • You are sitting at home after your coach training wondering, what now?
  • You feel like an Irishman stuck at the north pole “FROZEN”  :)
  • You have no clue where or how to begin building a coaching practice
  • You are afraid to invite clients to come and have a coaching conversation with you
  • You are afraid to charge money for your coaching
  • You would like ongoing support with starting to look at creating new coaching clients
  • You have completed the Erickson Art & Science of Coaching program and you have more questions than answers about creating a profitable coaching business
  • You would like a safe place to dip your toe in the business building waters and see how it feels. Maybe even try it on for a few months?
  • You have no paid coaching clients currently (family & friends don’t count) and would like to start creating some
  • You want to learn and develop some useful basic fundamental business building skills
  • You enjoy being with other new coaches in a community of support, learning, and fun J

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