The Celtic Coach Interviews Maria Owl Gutierrez: Healing humanity, What’s Next for Us? ☘

Topics Include but never limited to:

  • The mystical world of parasychology
  • Clearing the way for a new you?
  • Dolphin healing for you and autistic children
  • The summer solstice and its powers
  • Helping our children express their God given gifts

And lots of good ole fashioned Irish humor……

Maria Owl Gutierrez: is the founder and director of Sacred Future and the Transformational Leadership Program. She is an international spiritual teacher and healer, working to empower women and men to align with their natural harmonic resonance within the greater Web of Life. Maria has been teaching Indigenous Medicine in higher education for over 10 years, including at New College of California, Dominican University, and Naropa University. Maria has guided over a thousand people through wilderness rites of passage and nature-based ceremonies for over 17 years. She has had the great privilege of learning with native teachers from 15 different traditional cultures and she is deeply rooted in her own indigenous ancestry and identity.

Maria has an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and her BA in Culture, Ecology & Sustainable Community with an emphasis on Group Facilitation from New College of California. Maria is also a certified herbalist and a certified clinical hypnotherapist.